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West Green has an interesting story to its name and our brand new brasserie is the latest chapter in this North London novella. Forks and Green represents simplicity, comfort and exquisite cooking. We take the drama and theatre away in exchange for peace of mind and plates of delicious food cooked fresh with local, high quality produce. Whether you want to catch up with a couple of companions over a coffee or have a rustic but romantic rendezvous over some ridiculously exquisite dishes – Forks and Green is that humble, happy, home away from home ready to serve you.

So much happens in our daily lives we often forget to take time to sit back, relax and reflect. Make Forks and Green a part of your routine!



338 Philip Lane, Tottenham
London, N15 4AB


Monday - Sunday
08:30am till 6:00pm


Tel: 020 8881 5268

Email: forksandgreen@gmail.com



Ambience and sentiments aside, we are a high quality eatery offering a mouth-watering menu. All of our produce is sourced locally using the freshest ingredients and prepared by highly experienced culinary experts. We serve brunch style cuisine with a wide variety of oeuf-based dishes inspired by traditional Parisian brasseries. From delicious poached eggs to tasty omelettes, and from amazing tea to great coffee – we’ve got your taste buds catered for with simple food cooked flawlessly.



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Forks and Green was born out of an epiphany. After growing up in North London and spending their entire lives working among the hustle and bustle of the area, the founders of this culinary cottage knew there was something missing. A business trip to Paris sparked a eureka moment as they saw how the Parisians managed to balance business with respite and recreation. The answer was great coffee, good company, fresco style and a brasserie style location to simply sink into a seat and eat.

Their return to the West Green area led them to the archives in which they found that this parish in particular had undergone several dramatic changes in its thousands of years of existence. It made perfect poetic sense to bring their lightbulb moment to life here where disruption is in the DNA and the drama of the city is just a stone’s throw away. Here of all places the people would appreciate a tranquil spot serving tasty treats which they could call a second home.

Forks and Green was born and the concept was clear – let’s keep it simple and saliva-inducingly delicious!